Brunelleschi's Dome, Florence

Brunelleschi's Dome, Florence

Sorry about the lack of posts lately. Things are busy, and unfortunately it will probably be a while before I can post regularly again. In the meantime, here is a panorama of Florence taken from the tower of Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore while visiting Italy over the Easter holidays. Ten minutes before taking this it was raining, but then the weather cleared, revealing this great blue, cloud-filled sky.

This photo was stitched from seven photos and tone-mapped. I'm experimenting with using Hugin for the panoramas, and feel it has really come a long way since I tried it last year. I love the large number of projection options (I used the Equirectangular Panini projection here), and the GPU accelerated fast preview is great. Unfortunately it still has some quirks: it doesn't preserve all the EXIF data (ISO, lens, exposure, etc), and I also haven't figured out a way to save a "unblended" panorama for the "Unprocessed" version. If you know how to do this, let me know.

Until I figure out how to create an unblended panorama in Hugin, I've included a blended, but unprocessed version.


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